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Why Book a Home stay on the India’s largest Vacation Rental Website?

Scheduling a Holiday trip, and haven't found a Home stay yet? Utilize our Vacation Home Rentals web portal to find a home stay or cottage, which suits you the best. The finest vacation rentals in India, Xploreindo has the prevalent records of vacation rental properties in the country.

Further, XploreIndo offers simple booking options and a flawless user experience to its customers. Our easy to use website makes “book a home stay” an easy chore, which can be completed in less than 5 minutes. It has a dutiful customer service team to answer inquiries and guarantee ease of booking.

With over 500+ home stays, cottages, resorts and individual villas, covering 25 cities, XploreIndo is one of the largest platforms for Vacation Rentals in India. It covers the most popular tourist destinations of India such as Ooty, Coonoor, Valparai, Munnar, Manali, Kodaikanal, Kotagiri, Gudalur and Yercaud.

XploreIndo offers travelers a comprehensive range of cheap vacation rentals, to benefit every wallet. It offers everything from budget friendly private villas, to luxury cottages, holiday homes and beach vacation rental properties.

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With XploreIndo you can easily find your perfect Home stay, room types, amenities and fares for different Vacation Rental categories. Simply fill your desired location and travel dates, and wait for our genie to list out the Luxurious Holiday Villas & cottages. You can explore from an assortment of holiday rental properties and holiday destinations across India.

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